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Automotive services as Automotive Detailing, Paint Protection Films, Ceramic Coatings, Color Change Vinyl, Paintless Dent Repair.

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Our Vision and Reputation

About Immaculate Details of Atlanta

Immaculate Details of Atlanta is a boutique garage located in Dunwoody GA. We are passionate about cars and specialize in automotive services as Vehicle Wraps, paint protection films, Auto Detailing and Ceramic Coating.
We offer professional luxury car wraps with hundreds of colors and finishes to choose from. In addition, our luxury car care detailing service will have your car looking showroom new and protected through the streets of Atlanta.
Our certified professionals work in a low volume atmosphere in order to deliver the best results in car wraps in Atlanta and installation of paint protection film. Additional services such as, paint correction, reflective caliper brakes vinyl wrap and headlight and tail light tinting are also available at Immaculate Details of Atlanta. Whether you are looking for a custom design, color change, or a paint maintenance detailing, our team of experts will provide you with the uppermost excellence results.

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Best Car detailing service in Dunwoody, Georgia

Our Vision, History and Reputation

Immaculate Details of Atlanta is a company that offers you excellent service in the automotive area. We’ve been in business for years and have the knowledge and the right professional team to get the job done. This is a boutique located in Dunwoody, GA.

They offer you a complete service, including vehicle wraps, paint protection films, color change vinyl, and much more.

We have the best accessories and tools to carry out the work with the greatest dedication and in record time. We are a leading company in the world of automotive coating, and that sets us apart from the competition.

Want to change the look of your vehicle and make it look like a showroom? Hire our staff and see how you will stand out on the streets of Atlanta.

Our Objective

Our goal has always been to offer a professional, complete, qualified, and quality service in the automotive area. Our professionals are certified and do a meticulous job and in a low volume environment so that we deliver the best results.

They are specialized in operating an appointment system so that we can give all our clients the treatment they deserve. If you are looking to customize your car, change the entire color of a car, or keep the paint on, you can choose our specialized team.

You can be sure that your car will be taken care of and will be beautiful and stand out in the city.

About Us

Immaculate Details of Atlanta is a specialized company that offers the best service in the automotive area. It is a boutique located in Dunwoody GA that has a professional, qualified, and certified team to do vehicle wraps, paint protection films, color change vinyl, color maintenance, and much more.

All our staff is duly verified all their information and their references to know that we have the best. They are all experienced enough to do unique, brilliant, and revolutionary work.

All the technicians have the knowledge of all the latest that is being used in the area.

Our Services

We have modern knowledge and techniques to create the best automotive work.

Among the services we offer you can find:

  • Paint protective film
  • Vinyl wrap / Vinyl wrap installation
  • Ceramic coating
  • Car details / paint correction

Paint Protective Film

Automotive Paint Protection Film allows you to protect your vehicle against abrasion, stones, insects, chips, splashes, stains, discoloration from the sun, or the weather. It is a high-quality film, it is colorless and is applied in the areas of greatest impact.

It is designed to fit your car and is of excellent quality. With this work, you will be able to eliminate the costs that can arise over time with the repair or painting of your car.

You can easily keep the protective film on; you can wash it without a problem and even wax it as you always have.

It is invisible and made of durable material of excellent quality and offers unique protection and will not affect the paint of your car. The paint protection is cut with high precision tools to ensure the perfect fit.

You will only know that the protective film is there; it is an invisible service that will not alter the color of your car. It won’t affect the design elements your vehicle has either, so you don’t have to worry about that.

It can be used to protect mirrors, bumpers, hoods, roofs, trunks, and much more. You can choose it in 2 finishes that are matte or glossy.

Get invisible and durable protection with our quality service!

Vinyl Wrap / Vinyl Wrap Installation

Wraps come in different sizes and shapes; it is the cheapest and easiest way to change the color or look of your car completely. You can use a wide range of totally different finishes. Wraps are large sheets of adhesive-backed vinyl film designed to be applied to the vehicle.

Some vinyl wraps are a total change in gloss, matte or satin finish. Vehicle wraps can consist of a single printed design containing photographs, images, graphics, company brands, etc.

They are also used to accentuate certain characteristics of the car, such as spoilers, hoods, moldings, trunks, roofs, etc. Advances in technology bring you vinyl with different textures like snakeskin, crocodile, leather, 3D, and holographic films.

We offer you a top-quality vinyl wrapping service; you can protect your original car paint and thus always maintain its value.

We offer a vinyl stripe service for high-performance vehicles such as Ferrari, Porsche, Lotus, and Lamborghini. For this work, we have the latest technology and high-performance vinyl from 3M, Avery, and Oracal. These vinyl bands are 100% safe for both painting and installation.

If you want to remove these bands, you can be sure because with vinyl band kits, you will have no problem, and you can remove them whenever you want. The finish of your car will not be affected by the use of these vinyl bands.

We Offer Faster Work

For us, wrapping is one of the most done jobs, and we do it in a short time. We can take between a week or two weeks; everything will depend on the complexity of the work.

The graphics, the stripes, the bands, and the decorative pieces can be made in a time of 24 to 72 hours. If you want to do a complete color change or an outer wrap, you should know that it will take longer. Call us for more information about the processing time, depending on the service you want.

Other Services

Our company offers you a complete service to keep your car in good condition with high-quality tools.

In addition to the services above, we offer the following complimentary services: Tinted glass, taillight tint, rally stripes, reflective gauges, clear chrome, and motorcycle wraps. Call us, and we will offer you more information about all our services.

Ceramic Coating

We are cemented with a Ceramic Pro coating that is of excellent quality. It is a liquid nano-ceramic coating that is transparent with several layers. This is a technology that will transform your car into a durable, permanent, and flexible glass screen.

It’s an extra clear coat that’s three times harder and easier to clean. We have different automatic ceramic pro packages. No other coating will offer you a level of protection, radiance, and durability like ceramic tile service.

When it is cured, it is measured to have a hardness greater than 9H; the normal layer has a hardness that ranges between 2H and 4H. This is why it is known as the hardest paint coating on the market.

Has your car suffered from a scratch on the ceramic coating? You don’t need to worry as it will be easily removed with a light buff. Rest assured that this type of polishing will not weaken or affect your ceramic tile. Our specialists know how to do their job and offer you unmatched and optimal service. With this coating, your paint will not age due to UV rays. Ceramic Pro will be a tougher clear additional coat for added peace of mind.

Car Details / Paint Correction

Another service that you can find with us is to paint correction. We will help you remove the details from your car. We specialize in touch-ups for bumper marks, rock chips, cobwebs, light surface scratches, swirl removal, etc.

Paint correction is a process of rejuvenation or restoration of your vehicle’s paint. This technique is based on removing certain imperfections from the surface of your car.

How Does Our Company Work?

Our company is one of the most prominent today in the automotive coating industry. We offer you a unique service to solve any problem that may arise with the paint of your car or if you want to protect it so that it is always intact. Characteristics of our service:

  • We focus on customer happiness

We care about providing a high-quality service to improve the lives of our clients. At Immaculate Details of Atlanta, we believe that the popularity of a company is due to the treatment they offer to all of their clients.

The satisfaction of the clients for the final work is our greatest achievement; we are happy to see the face of our clients with the final result. This makes us stand out from the competition and makes us your best option in Atlanta.

  • Qualified and professional personnel work in our company

Our staff is professional, and all have the necessary certification to operate in the automotive area. We have the best professionals to do any job in Atlanta.

We care that the technicians who work with us can improve and improve their techniques with new, modern, and innovative ideas. We have the necessary tools to be able to perform the entire service carefully and optimally.

With Immaculate Details of Atlanta, you will have at your disposal a 100% qualified team with the necessary experience.

  • We care about offering the latest technology in the area

With time, technology advances, new products, accessories, and tools come onto the market, especially in this industry. That is why we are always at the forefront to bring you the latest generation tools and materials so that you get a brilliant and unmatched service.

Our staff is always up to date to be the number 1 company in the market and the city.

Best Luxury Car Wrapping Company In Atlanta

Our staff provides you with a high-quality car wrap service. We offer hundreds of colors and finishes so you can choose the one you like best. Additionally, we offer a luxury car detailing service that will keep it looking like new every time.

Thanks to our service, your car will be protected while driving through the streets of Atlanta. Find us for any additional services your car needs, and our staff will make your estimate.

Personalized Design

We offer you a custom design to make your car unique and original. Capture the attention of all Atlanta residents with our designs created just for you.

We make sure that every detail is adjusted to the needs of each client and that they can obtain the automotive design they have always wanted.

We Have A Good Reputation In Automotive Coating Service

Many clients recommend us and have been satisfied with the final work. They are delighted by the streets of Atlanta showing their coating, wrapping, or any of our services.

Our clients’ comments at the end of the work are very important to us. That is why we always take them into account to continue offering the service and to improve the quality if necessary.

We work together with our clients and create a bond so that they can trust us. We know how important cars are to our customers.

The price of the service will depend on each vehicle and the project you want to carry out. Contact us for more details on prices and a quote tailored to your needs.

We install almost every type of film that exists on the market. You only have to communicate with our staff, and you will have what you want. Among the vinyl brands we have available are Oracal, 3M, Avery, Hexus, KPMF. If you want to use a film with another brand or another type, you have to let us know, and our staff will find it.